Hotel Locking & Access Control Solutions

Hotel Locking & Access Control Solutions

03 Oct 2022

Hotel Locking

Our Alegebra range enables you to control all access needs and secure all types of doors without complex and expensive wiring. Our global network of offices and distribution centres means we are set up to deliver our complete access control solution across the globe on a huge range of projects.

The Consort Algebra system is compatible with smartphone devices it uses Bluetooth to unlock and enable access to multiple doors and accessories. The technology is adaptable for all hotel chains and designed to be paired with your current software. 

Working seamlessly with the Algebra range our mobile application ‘Consort Mobile Access’, a user-friendly, remote access management solution has been designed to upgrade hotel electronic lock access from smart PVC keys to mobile key wallets. Using a centralised web portal, the app delivers instant and encrypted key updates, providing guests with improved access and shareability from their smartphones. 

Access Control

Our range of Consort wall card readers enable access control throughout the building starting from guestroom to perimeter access such as elevator, parking entrances, or any other door requiring an electric strike or electromagnetic lock. Offering a sleek minimalist design that will suit any interior design, the Consort range of card readers works with a web based application enabling online, offline and Bluetooth functionality.


Contact us to find out more about our ranges, we work in several sectors, including hospitality & leisure, healthcare, education, governmental, transport, retail, residential and commercial office environments.