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Our vision is to be the most widely certified company in architectural hardware, and in the last decade we have invested heavily to put ourselves at the forefront of the industry.

We hold our products to the highest standards of safety and performance, as reflected by the breadth of the certifications we have sought and achieved. Our entire range of products are designed with first consideration given to performance, fire safety, security, accessibility, acoustics, and weather.

To ensure our products exceed the latest industry standards, we work closely with third party testing laboratories such as Certifire/Warrington Fire and UL. All testing is done by random selection to ensure our products are up to standards every time.

We are proud to have been the first-ever company to achieve CERTIFIRE approval for our lever handles.

We have a vast range of products which achieve certification for European or American fire standards and in some cases our products achieve both, increasing their adaptability.

With regards to European testing, we have tested many of our major product lines to 240 minutes for steel doors and 120 minutes for timber doors. We have tested most American National Standards Institute (ANSI) products to three hours in accordance with UL10c.

We undergo twice annual mechanical evidence testing on all our items, as well as annual external testing to the standards required. Additionally, we carry out annual factory control audits by third parties to ensure accountability at all of our facilities.

A detailed list of our certifications is included in the Appendix. We are continually seeking further certifications for our product ranges and this list is ever-expanding. If you require any specific certification not listed in the Appendix, please inquire with our team as we may have achieved it since production of this catalogue.

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Architectural hardware is one of the most heavily-used elements of your lived-in space. A typical busy door can be used 150 times per day, meaning that in 25 years, that hardware is used 1,350,000 times.

In addition to offering a beautiful product, which may be the first thing that the end user sees or touches in a space, Consort hardware offers unbeatable functionality and longevity. Consort manufactures products for a full life cycle and long-term performance, safeguarding against impacts on time, cost, and the environment.

We operate with complete transparency and have full traceability on all of our products, so you can rest assured of the quality and provenance of our materials.

We believe in the integrity of our product and our long-term warranties reflect that. Additionally, our products feature unique date stamps, making warranties easily traceable by time rather than cycle. Refer to the full index of products for more information on warranties in each category and range.

Not only is Consort hardware a wise investment financially, but it is also an investment in the future of our planet. Our commitment to creating products that last also means reducing unnecessary waste and impact on our ecosystems.

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Consort takes a solutions-based approach to meeting the needs of any project we are associated with.

As a family owned and operated business, we provide a personal service and level of attention to detail which reflect the value we place on each client and project. At the same time, we have the benefit of more than 50 years of expertise and operations, widely-certified product ranges, and well-established global manufacturing capabilities and resources.

We are therefore uniquely positioned to provide the highest-quality bespoke products, designed to the exact specifications of your project. We have crafted entirely custom designs, finishes, colours, and sizes to reflect the unique needs of prominent projects, such as the Oman National Museum and the Ritz Carlton, Amman, Jordan.

Our capabilities include:
• Production of custom product and finishes, with warranties;
• Addition of antimicrobial finish to any existing hardware
• Matching products across furniture fittings, doors, and glass;
• Creating custom sizes of our hardware
• Developing specific lines to complement existing interiors, including entirely new product ranges; and
• Matching hotel locking systems with any of our own levers.

In support of British manufacturing, much of our bespoke product is produced in Birmingham.

For more information, please speak with our team about how we can deliver the most beautiful and functional products to meet your needs and vision.


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