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Currently, the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry… accounts for up to 40% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, construction and demolition waste accounts for 40% of solid waste in the US, and the AEC industry is the largest consumer of raw materials.   “One solution to mitigate this problem is the implementation of a circular economy (CE). The circular economy is an economic model that aims to decouple economic growth and depletion of resources by minimizing waste and increasing the utilization period of products. Applying this economic model to the AEC industry may result in a decrease of virgin materials, landfill waste, and overall environmental impacts.”   Samuel Copeland, Melissa Bilec,  Buildings as material banks using RFID and building information modeling in a circular economy,  Procedia CIRP, Volume 90, 2020, Pages 143-147.

Consort is committed to safeguarding our future through the responsible and ethical use of resources and minimising our negative impacts on the world around us.

It is undeniable that our industry has a major environmental impact; however, in acknowledging and taking ownership of this fact, we can make more conscious choices and become a powerful agent of change.

Our approach goes beyond buzzwords and vague promises. The following are the firm commitments we are making to reduce our environmental impact in the very real and near future.

  • Beginning in 2021, we will offer a buy-back process for the premium range at 20% purchase price credit. We will either recycle or repurpose these products.
  • In our premium range, we have eliminated the majority of plastic packaging and aim to be totally plastic-free by the end of 2021. We aim to eliminate all plastic packaging across our full range of products by the end of 2022.
  • By the end of 2025, we aim to ensure that our full range of products can be recycled, either by being repurposed into new projects when interiors change or through raw material recycling.

We are also a proud sponsor of Surge for Water’s annual “Design, Dine, make a Difference” gala in Dubai. Proceeds from the event go to supporting Surge’s investment in communities with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to help end the cycle of poverty.

When it comes to sustainability, our work is never done. We will continue to review our supply chain, business operations, and manufacturing to ensure that we are continually challenging ourselves to set increasingly ambitious targets and align with evolving best practice.



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