What Are The Latest Developments In Mobile Access Control?

What Are The Latest Developments In Mobile Access Control?

10 Aug 2022

Daniel May, Director at Consort Architectural Hardware, provides comment on the latest developments in mobile access control. 

It’s said that over half of the world’s entire population now owns a smartphone. With that, we’re seeing a rapid development in digital technology, including recent advancements in mobile access control.

From iOS integration to data encryption, online systems continue to change the way building networks operate and various mobile access control applications are making use of the rising standards in this field. The use of mobile phones and their apps has been a revelation to the hotel industry for example, where remote access now permits guests entry to various types of access points – removing the need for traditional key card methods for check in, check out and even lift access.

When developing the Consort Mobile Access App, we recently found Bluetooth functionality and intuitive cloud compatibility were central to its success, with these elements – alongside sustainability – becoming core development areas when it comes to modern mobile access control.

Using a centralised web portal, the app delivers instant and encrypted key updates, providing guests with improved access and shareability from their smartphones. We’ve built a simplified access management solution that enhances security and convenience, one that is easy to deploy and extends or changes access rights instantly and remotely over secure mobile networks.

‘Consort Mobile Access’ is available for download on Android via the Google Play Store and on iOS systems. 

Download ‘Consort Mobile Access’ on Android.

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